We have been operating our mobile bumper crack repair Blackpool service for over ten years. We believe our service offers a fast and efficient solution to what can be a time consuming and often costly problem. Cracked bumpers spoil the appearance of your vehicle and if they are not repaired they can get gradually worse. We understand that busy people find it difficult to take their car to a local garage to be repaired. For this reason our mobile service is a convenient and hassle free alternative. Using skilled technicians who can repair all manner of bumper cracks and splits, our mobile bumper crack repair Blackpool service provides a high quality repair at the location of your choice, whether that be your home or workplace.

Reasons to use our mobile bumper repair service

  • Our convenient mobile service saves you money when compared to using a conventional body repair shop facility
  • We aim to repair your vehicle within a couple of days of your acceptance of our quote. This means you are not left waiting for weeks on end.
  • Our service means that you won’t be left without your car for an extended period of time

How our bumper crack repair Blackpool service works

We’ve designed our bumper repair service to be speedy and easy to use. Simply phone or email us giving details of your bumper crack. We will often ask you to upload a photo of the crack, to give us a better indication of the extent of the damage. We’ll then get back to you with a quote. Once you accept the quote, we will arrange for your vehicle to be booked in for repair at a time to suit you.

When repairing a crack may not be an option

Cracks and splits can occur in your vehicle’s front or rear bumpers. Whilst in the majority of cases we can carry out your bumper crack repair Blackpool technicians may advise you to have your bumper replaced instead. Under normal circumstances a vehicle bumper is flexible and can withstand a minor knock. However, once a bumper has split or cracked it tends to lose that elasticity Consequently, in the event of another knock happening close to the repaired area, there is a danger of your bumper cracking again. For this reason our technicians often recommend bumper replacement.

If you would like some free advice or guidance regarding our bumper crack repair Blackpool service, then please give us a call. Alternatively you can email using the form on this page.