Bumper Crack Repair Oldham

If you’re driving around Oldham with an unsightly crack in your vehicle’s bumper then why not make use of our handy mobile bumper crack repair Oldham service?  Bumper cracks need to be repaired as they can worsen if they are not mended and can also affect the resell value of your vehicle. We understand that busy people find it difficult to make time to take their vehicle to be repaired.  Our convenient service is cheaper than that of a conventional body repair shop and since we bring our service to you, it is also hassle and stress free.

Highly skilled technicians

We only use highly skilled technicians who have years of experience of working in body repair shops and can repair all manner of bumper damage. Our bumper crack repair Oldham technicians are provided with the latest tools and S.M.A.R.T. technology to carry out a professional high quality repair that will restore your bumper to its former glory. Using paint that is digitally mixed from the manufacturer’s colour code, the end result is seamless and pristine.

When a bumper replacement may be necessary

Although our bumper crack repair Oldham technicians can repair the majority of bumper cracks or splits, sometimes they may advise a bumper replacement instead. In normal circumstances a bumper has a certain element of elasticity which means it can withstand minor knocks and bumps. However, once a bumper has cracked, it loses its flexibility. This  means that should you incur another knock close to the repaired area, then it is possible that your bumper may crack again. For this reason, a bumper replacement is often recommended.

Reasons to use our bumper crack repair Oldham service

Our mobile bumper crack repair service offers several advantages when compared to a traditional body repair shop:

  • Our service is carried out at a time and place to suit you, whether that  be your home or place of work
  • Most repairs take no more than a couple of hours, after which your car is ready to be driven
  • Our prices are up to 50% less than those of a body repair shop
  • We use S.M.A.R.T. technology and the latest tools to ensure a high quality finish
  • We aim to carry out repairs within 48 hours of your acceptance of the quote

Give us a call or email us to see just how we can help you.