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This video shows a scratched bumper repair. The process for repairing this bumper is different to the one which would involve a crack. The Crack would be welded, to give it strength and then filled, to give it shape. A cracked bumper repair would take anything from 2 to 4 hours depending on the extent of the crack.

How It Works


Here at Smart Auto Repairs, we’ve been successfully operating our mobile bumper crack repair Stoke On Trent service since 2003. A cracked bumper to your vehicle can leave you feeling stressed and distracts from the good looks of your prized possession. On top of that you may just not have the time to visit your local garage. Why not let us take away the stress with our hassle free service? We have a highly trained repair team who can expertly repair all manner of cracks, no matter what the size. When you choose to use our bumper crack repair Stoke on Trent service you can be sure of the best possible service at the location of your choice.


As well as offering a hassle free solution to your vehicle repair problems, our bumper crack repair Stock On Trent service can save you money over more traditional garage body shops. Our speedy service also means you won’t have to wait for up to a week or longer to have your vehicle repaired nor will you have to face a period of time without the convenience of your vehicle.


Bumper Crack Repair Stoke On Trent

Repairing bumper cracks can be a little tricky and we need to mention that once a bumper receives a crack or a split it loses its elasticity. Generally speaking a bumper is designed to have a certain amount of flexibility which allows it to withstand minor knocks. However, once a crack is repaired this can weaken the bumper which means another small knock near to the repair could result in it cracking again. It’s for this reason that we may on some occasions suggest a complete bumper replacement. If you’re looking for advice or guidance about your bumper crack repair Stoke On Trent, please feel free to call us now or email us using the instant quote tab on the page.


Our Service

When you fill in the form on this site we will call you to discuss your requirements, we will then email you a quote that is valid for 14 days. If your bumper is cracked we will require some photos. You can either email them to us, upload them using the blue quote button or you can text them to 07791835114. Once we have your photos we can call to give you your quote
If your bumper is cracked we would need to see a photo of the damage. The best way to take the photo is to stand back by about 2 – 3 feet, this enables us to get a comparison of the size of the crack. The photo needs to be clear and clean
Smart Auto Repairs provides a mobile bumper crack repair Stoke On Trent service throughout Stoke On Trent, all we need is access to power, space for our van, your car and a cup of tea or coffee
We mix all our paints on site, we take the colour code from the vehicle and mix it according to the vehicle manufacturer specifications. As well as colour coded bumpers that are the same colour as the car, we can also repair, cracked textured plastic bumpers.
All our bumper crack repair Stoke On Trent comes with a 2 year paint guarantee, we only use manufacturer approved products.


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