Smart Auto Repairs now offer a service for bumper scratch repair Lancashire. Our experienced team of body shop technicians and painters are dedicated to repairing your scuffed, damaged or scratched bumper so it looks brand new.

Let the bumper scratch repair Lancashire team come to you

Our handy mobile service means that we can repair your bumper at a location and time that’s convenient to you. This means…

  • No more waiting to book appointments
  • No more having to squeeze a visit to the garage into your already busy schedule
  • No being without a car for long periods of time.

In fact, our bumper scratch repair Lancashire mobile service offers you a stress and hassle free solution to a rather annoying problem.

Why people like our bumper scratch repair Lancashire service

Our fully qualified staff have the skills and expertise to undertake everything from heavy crash repairs to minor scuffs and scrapes. All of which can be done at your place of choice. We are not reliant on the weather. If it’s raining, then we’ll simply erect a canopy over your car so that we can carry out the task. We’ll always try to fix your bumper within a couple of hours, although a major repair may take a little while longer.

How does our bumper scratch repair Lancashire service work?

You’ll be pleased to know it’s simple:

  • Contact us by phone or email giving us the relevant information about your bumper problem. We may ask you to send us a photograph of the affected area at a later date.
  • Based on the information you give us, we’ll then give you an accurate quote
  • If you like the quote, then simply book an appointment with us.
  • Prior to your appointment we’ll send out a confirmation email with a checklist of things you’ll need to do before we visit.

When it comes to bumper scratch repair, Lancashire motorists need not worry as we have the experts and the experience to have your car back on the road in no time at all.