When it comes to bumper scratch repair Merseyside it’s fair to say that there are no shortage of body shops who can repair your damage. However from our experience we are pretty sure that you’ll find that customer service is not at the top of their agenda. They will expect you to take your car to them so they can see the extent of damage. Then you will likely have to wait for days before they can fit your car in for repair. Then, worse of all, they may keep your car for up to a week whilst they carry out the repair. That leaves you without your car and feeling rather frustrated and annoyed.

Our mobile bumper scratch repair Merseyside service is a customer friendly alternative

Our mobile bumper scratch repair Merseyside service can come to the place of your choice to carry out the repair. It can be your home address or your place of work. All we need from you is to have access to a power supply and a large enough parking space for our van. It doesn’t even matter if it is raining, since we can set up a handy canopy that will cover your vehicle enabling us to carry on with the repair.

Your vehicle is quickly back on the road

We use highly skilled bumper scratch repair Merseyside technicians who have tons of experience in carrying out all manner of car vehicle bumper repair damage. Whether it is scuffs and scratches or dents and cracks, they have the skills to restore your bumper to a pristine condition. We also use the very latest equipment and tools to ensure that you receive a professional high quality repair. Most bumper scratch repairs take little more than a couple of hours and once the repair is completed your car is ready to go back on the road.

If you’d like to know more about our mobile bumper scratch repair Merseyside service then please either phone us or send an email. We’d love to be of assistance.