We’ve been operating our mobile repair service across the north west of England for well over 10 years. When it comes to mobile bumper scuff repair Bolton motorists have plenty of body repair shops to choose from. However most of them fail to offer a service that is as fast and convenient as ours.

Our Mobile bumper scuff repair Bolton will put a smile on your face

When you need your bumper repairing, the whole process can be time consuming and quite costly. Firstly you have to find the time to take your car to the body repair shop; secondly, they will need to keep it for several days. This means you are inconvenienced and left without transport. Having to rely on a lift to work or use public transport is a  real hassle.  Our mobile bumper scuff repair Bolton service is designed to fit in with our customer’s requirements.  We’ll work with you to get your bumper scuff fixed at a time and place that suits you. Whether this is at home or the workplace.

Mobile bumper scuff repair Bolton – Utilising the latest in technology

All of our highly skilled technicians have plenty of experience at working in body repair shops. Provided with the very latest  tools and S.M.A.R.T. technology, they can carry out repairs to bumper scuffs quickly and efficiently. Many body repair shops will try to talk you into having your bumper replaced, costing you even more money. Whereas we have the expertise to carry out repairs to even the most badly scuffed bumpers. In no more than a couple of hours, our bumper scuff repair Bolton technicians will have your bumper looking as good as new again and your car back on the road.

How does our mobile repair service operate?

We’ve designed our mobile repair service to be quick and easy. Simply contact us by phone or email giving details of the extent of your bumper scuff damage. We may ask you to send us a photo, especially if the damage is quite severe. We’ll then get back to you with a quote. Once you’ve agreed the price, we can arrange for your car to be booked in for repair. An email will follow to confirm the arrangements,  together with a quick check list of things to do prior to our arrival.

Bumper scuff repair Bolton doesn’t get any better than this!