If you haven’t considered our mobile bumper scuff repair Cheshire then maybe you should. It’s all too easy to scuff your bumper when you’re parking your car and not only does it look unsightly, but it can affect the value of your vehicle too.

Why use our mobile bumper scuff repair Cheshire Service?

Finding a body repair shop that can fix your bumper at a time to suit you can be a real hassle. You may you have to take off work to deliver your vehicle to the body repair shop. They will  need to keep your vehicle for sometimes up to a week. This can leave you inconvenienced and, understandably, stressed. A mobile service such as Smart Auto Repairs, means that you can carry on with your routine whilst the repair is carried out; either at your home or place of work.

Our mobile bumper scuff repair Cheshire technicians are highly qualified

Our technicians have all worked extensively in body repair shops. They use the latest in equipment and tools are skilled at restoring your bumper to its pristine condition in no time at all. Other body repair shops may insist on replacing your bumper as a convenient option for them. We will usually never suggest this and save you money by carrying out a professional and high quality repair. Most scuff repairs take little more than 2 hours and once completed your car be driven straight away. Now that’s what we call service!

Come rain or shine our mobile bumper scuff repair Cheshire service continues to operate

Our customers often ask what happens if it is raining on the day of their repair. The simple answer is “business as usual”. Our vans are equipped with a canopy which can be erected over your car so that the repair is not hindered. All we ask from you is a nearby power supply and a place to park our van and your car. We wouldn’t say no to a cup of tea either!

There really is no more convenient bumper scuff repair Cheshire service than ours. So please call us now or drop us an email to find out more.