When it comes to mobile bumper scuff repair Liverpool, our service is much in demand. We understand that busy motorists just don’t have the time to take their cars to traditional body repair shops. We also know that they may have to wait days for an appointment and face an extended period of time without their vehicle. Our service is speedy, convenient, and saves you money, and here’s why:

Our bumper scuff repair Liverpool team come to you

That’s right. You name an address, such as your place of work or home, and we’ll bring our mobile repair service to you. This means that whilst we are carrying out your bumper scuff repair, you don’t have to change your schedule.

Our bumper scuff repair Liverpool team are highly qualified

Because our team of technicians have years of body shop experience behind them, they can confidently and professionally repair practically all bumper damage, including scuffs and dents. Unlike many body repair shops who take the easy and more costly route of replacing your bumper, our team will restore your bumper to showroom condition in a matter of hours. So you cab see just how cost effective our mobile repair service is.

We use the latest in technology

Our team of technicians use the latest in S.M.A.R.T. technology to give you a high quality repair job that will put a smile on your face. We repair the damage and mix any paint on site in accordance with the Manufacturer’s colour code for your vehicle. This ensures a seamless restoration.

Our mobile bumper scuff repair Liverpool service is simple to use

Getting in touch with us is very easy and just one phone call or email is sufficient to get the ball rolling. We may ask you to upload a photo of your damage in order for us to give you an accurate quote. Once you’ve accepted the quote, we can fit in around your needs. We aim to keep our customers waiting no longer than 2 days and in some cases we can fix repairs on the same day. A bumper scuff repair generally takes no more than 2 hours to carry out and the good news is that you can drive your car immediately afterwards.

If you’d like a quote or some advice, please call us or send an email, using the form provided. We’re waiting for your call.