If you’re in urgent need of bumper scuff repair Stoke On Trent you may feel that you have to take their car to a traditional body repair shop. However, in our experience these facilities are not particularly customer friendly.

You may be in a hurry to get your bumper repaired because you need to sell your car quickly.  A bumper scuff not only looks unsightly but can lower the value of your car. Finding the time to take your car to a body shop repair can be a hassle, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle. In addition the body repair shop may not be able to repair your car for several days. They may also need to keep it for up to a week. Our mobile bumper scuff repair Stoke On Trent service offers an extremely convenient and affordable alternative.

Our bumper scuff repair Stoke On Trent Team Can Come To You

Our handy mobile bumper scuff repair Stoke on Trent service means that we can come to you and carry out your repair. You   choose a place and time that’s convenient to you, whether it be at home or your place of work. Our highly experienced technicians can carry out all manner of bumper repairs  regardless of size. Using the very latest repair technology, they can restore your bumper to pristine condition and have your car back on the road in no time at all. We mix paint on site using the Manufacturer’s code for your vehicle, so you are assured of a professional and seamless appearance.

Bumper scuff repair Stoke On Trent – Speedy and cost effective

Once we have taken your call and given you a quote, we aim to fit your car in for repair within a couple of days maximum. The scuff repair should only take around 2 hours after which you are able to drive your car right away. It doesn’t even matter if it is raining, since we carry a canopy with us that can be erected over your car. All we require from you is access to power and a space in which to park our van.

If you’d like to learn more about our handy bumper scuff repair Stoke On Trent service, then please give us a call now or drop us an email.

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