We can supply and fit you a new bumper at an address of your choice.

We have fully qualified staff that have spent years working in large body shops and we only take on technicians that can cover all areas of repair.

A lot of the mobile repair companies are mainly S.M.A.R.T repairers that have completed short one week courses for minor cosmetic paint repairs like touching in scratches and small scratches to bumper corners. They tend to lack the experience of someone who has trained in a body shop for several years.

We provide a mobile service so we will come to you to carry out the repairs. If you use one of our body shops the cost is a lot more than a mobile one.

No. All repairs are paid for on completion of the job in full.

All major credit and debit cards are accepted.

Only if you have a credit account with us.

All repairs should look like new, we use the same techniques as body shops. There should be no evidence of the previous damage.

No we are not a franchise, we are privately owned.

We repair the scratch by sanding it down, then we prime the area, base it up and then lacquer it making you bumper look like new!

We apply heat to the dent to soften up the plastic so we can mould the shape, we then apply filler and sand this down. Once we have the shape we prime and paint the repaired area leaving it looking like new again.

We take the colour code from the car and mix the paint on site, the technique of painting helps blend the colour.

A bumper scuff can cost from £65 plus VAT if we can repair it with out painting.

Fill in the quote form for more pricing options there are so many variants involved in giving a price for a bumper repair.


We give  a 2 year paint guarantee on all our work.

We recommend that you wait 14 days before you pressure wash the freshly painted area. It takes this long for the solvents to properly cure. You can hand wash the area using a hose and sponge.

You can wash your car straight away, just don’t use a pressure washer on the freshly painted area.

You can drive your car as soon as we are finished.

It takes any where from 25 minutes to 45 minutes to dry the paint depending on the size of the repair. We use infrared curing lights to cure the lacquer.

We use infrared heat lamps to dry the paint.

We use water base paint by Lechler.

We take the colour code from the car and mix it on site.

Blending is required when a repair comes close to another panel. If the spraying is stopped at an edge of a panel with out continuing in order to fade it out you can sometimes see a slight shade difference. We recommend blending adjacents panels if the repair comes within 10-12 inches of another panel.

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