Smart Auto Repairs can repair any type of bumper damage on your drive or at work. This service will include dented bumpers, scratched bumpers, cracked bumpers and if the bumper is beyond repair we will replace it for you. We can do this because we have, very highly qualified technicians, that have many years experience in what they do. We use the same techniques that a body shop would use to repair plastic and metal. We have a rig that we can place over your car in case of rain. We need access to power, space for our van and your car. You can watch the video on the left to see how a scuffed bumper is repaired, there would be more involved in repairing a cracked or dented bumper, but this gives you some idea of our methodology.

Our Vans

Our Vans are fully equipped with all the tools and materials that we need to carry out the repairs to your car. We need space to park our van close to your vehicle. We carry a full mixing scheme on the van that enables us to mix any colour.

Colour Mixing

We can mix any colour by taking the colour code from the vehicle and entering it on a computer that will give us the exact formulation for that colour. We then use specific tinters and using digital scales we weigh the paints to get your exact colour.

Drying the Paint

We use special infra red lamps that help cure the paint and lacquer. This drying process takes about 30 minutes. Once the lacquer is dried you are able to drive and wash the car straight away. We recommend that you do not pressure wash the freshly painted areas for a period of up to 14 days as this allows all solvents to properly cure. This is the same advise a body shop should give you when you have had paint work carried out.


The Repair Process

  • We clean the area of the scuffed/scratched/ dented plastic car bumper that we are going to paint with a special chemical that removes any grease or wax that may react with the paint.
  • We will repair the damaged area by way of heating, sanding or filling the damaged plastic bumper.
  • We scotch the plastic bumper area that is going to be painted, this helps key the area being painted.
  • We then prime the repaired area on the bumper and flat this down once it is dried.
  • Once primed, we then mix the colour on the van by taking the colour code from the vehicle and entering it into our computer.
  • The repaired area is the sprayed with the base coat and then lacquered.
  • When we have finished lacquering the bumper we use heat lamps to dry the lacquer this takes about 20-30 minutes.
  • Once dried we then flat and polish the repaired area if required.


Happy Clients

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