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Smart Auto Repairs mobile bumper repair service is an alternative to a costly body shop repair. We use the latest in mobile bumper repair technology to bring you a high quality repair and finish, in a very convenient way. We come to your home or work to carry out the bumper repair. On average a mobile bumper repair will take about 1 -2 hours to complete.

We need access to power, space for our van and your car. In case of rain we can erect a rig that is about 4.5m x 3m, at this point a cup of tea or coffee is much appreciated. Our mobile bumper repairs take a couple of hours to complete and the car is ready to drive away straight away. We recommend that you do not pressure wash the newly repaired areafor about 14 days, to allow the solvents to properly cure.

How It Works

Finding time during a working week or at the weekend to take your car to a local garage to be repaired can be a real headache. Our mobile bumper  repair Manchester service takes away this worry to give you a hassle free solution. Our highly trained bumper repair technicians can carry out the repair to your bumper on site at your home, workplace, or place of choice. All we need is power and a parking space for our van and your car. Don’t worry if it is raining. We carry a canopy which we can erect over your car so we can carry on with the task.

Mobile bumper repair Manchester – fast and effective

mobile bumper repair manchester

If you’re searching for a convenient mobile bumper repair Manchester service, then look no further than Smart Auto Repairs . We understand that for busy motorists time is precious.  Nobody wants to spend their weekend off visiting various body shops for repair estimates.  This is where we come in.

Driving around Manchester with a dent in your bumper doesn’t give the best impression. If you use your car for business, it can portray the wrong image. Smart Auto Repairs have been operating a mobile bumper dent repair Manchester service for several years and it continues to be a very popular service


Mobile bumper  repair Manchester – get in touch

One quick phone call or email is all it takes to organise your dent repair. Simply call or email us and upload a photo of your damaged area. We can use this to give you an accurate quote for repair. If you’re happy with this, then we book in your car at a time and place to suit you. Simple really!


Affordable solutions

We offer an affordable solution to what could otherwise be an annoying  and costly problem.  Using  the latest in bumper repair technology we can carry out a high quality repair and finish to your bumper at your preferred choice of location, be it your home or place of work.

Bumper Repair Manchester – Here’s how we do it

In order to carry out the repairs at your  Manchester address, we need access to power, and space to park our van and your car. In case of rain we can erect a small rig which allows us to carry on with the repair.  Our mobile bumper repair Manchester service only takes a couple of hours to complete and the car is ready to be driven straight away.  In addition we mix all our paints on site, taking the colour code from the can and digitally mixing it according to the manufacturer’s code. This ensures an accurate colour match every time.


Bumper repair Manchester technicians

All of our technicians are fully qualified and have worked in large body shops.  They are all  highly skilled  at carrying out major bumper repairs. as a result our mobile bumper repair Manchester service  can fix  all manner of damage  including:


In some instances when a bumper is beyond repair, we can replace  it for you. Nothing is too much bother for us.

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