Mobile bumper repair Stoke On Trent service by Smart Auto Repairs

When it comes to the annoying problem of mobile bumper repair Stoke On Trent motorists now have an alternative solution to costly body shops. Smart Auto Repair are specialists in bumper repair. Using the latest technology we make sure that the vehicle owner receives repairs of the highest quality.

Bumper repair Stoke On Trent goes mobile

For many motorists the constraints of busy lives means that a simple problem such as a scratched bumper can become a large issue. Having to find a body shop to fix the vehicle, having to take the vehicle to the repairers, and being without the vehicle for long periods of time, can all be problematic This is before we even start to mention cost. For this reason our mobile bumper repair Stoke On Trent service offers an alternative solution that’s…

  • ¬†Convenient
  • Cost effective
  • Speedy

mobile bumper repair stoke on trent

How does our bumper repair Stoke On Trent service work?

We know that when it comes to Bumper repair Stoke On Trent motorists need an easy solution. So here’s how our mobile repair service works.

  • Contact us by phone or email giving us the details of your bumper problems.
  • Based on the information given, we’ll give you a quote. We may also ask for a photo of the damaged area.
  • If you’re happy with our prices then give us details of your location and a time to suit you.
  • We’ll turn up and repair your vehicle, usually within a couple of hours. All we ask is that you leave us sufficient space for our vehicle, and be close enough to a power point.

it really is as simple as that!

So why choose us?

Our bumper repair Stoke On Trent Company only employs technicians who are body shop trained. As a result, they are fully experienced to repair bumper scratches, dents, scuffs and even cracks. This means that you get the best service at a great ‘value for money price. For further information, please feel free to contact us today.

Types Of Damage Repaired

Smart Auto Repairs mobile bumper repair service can repair:


In some instances when a bumper is beyond repair, we can replace it for you. Nothing is too much bother for us.

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