If you’re driving around Cheshire with a damaged plastic bumper then we can help. Smart Auto Repairs has been running their mobile plastic bumper repair Cheshire service for six years. We offer an affordable and extremely convenient option to a more costly body shop repair service. We fully understand that trying to fit in the time to get your plastic bumper repaired during a working day or at the weekend can be a real hassle. It is for this reason that we bring our professional plastic bumper repair Cheshire service to your home or place of work.

Quite often your bumper gets damaged through no fault of your own and understandably this can leave you feeling worried and stressed. A damaged bumper not only looks unsightly but can get worse if you don’t have it repaired. Our highly trained team of repair technicians can handle all manner of dents, scuffs, cracks and scratches to your plastic bumper. Using the very latest equipment and tools they can repair and finish it to a high standard, leaving it looking just like new. Our mobile plastic bumper repair Cheshire service generally takes no more than 1-2 hours and can be carried out at the location of your choice.

Plastic Bumper Repair Cheshire

All our team require is access to a power supply and a place to park their van that is near to your car. In the event that it is raining then we can fit up a protective canopy to work under. We certainly wouldn’t refuse a cup of tea or coffee either! Once your plastic bumper repair Cheshire has been completed your car can be driven right away. Now how’s that for service?

Smart Auto Repairs can evaluate the extent of damage done to your plastic bumper and give you a quote to get it repaired. If you’d like some expert advice or guidance then please feel free to call our friendly staff today or you can send us an email using the form on the page.