Our Mobile Plastic Bumper Repair Liverpool Service

Smart Auto Repairs have been providing their mobile plastic bumper repair Liverpool service since 2004. Quite often it isn’t your fault that your bumper has been damaged. Understandably driving around with a scuff or dent to your prized motor can leave you feeling disgruntled and stressed. However, we know that finding the time to visit a body repair shop to get your bumper repaired can be a real hassle. If you lead a busy lifestyle fitting in the time can be difficult. We can solve this problem for you by bringing our mobile plastic repair Liverpool service to your home or work place.

Our highly qualified team of technicians can repair all manner of scratches, dents, bumps and scuffs to your plastic bumper leaving it looking as good as new. We use the latest in plastic bumper repair technology to ensure an expert and professional finish that will leave your bumper looking as good as new. All our team require is easy access to a power supply and a place to park their van near to your car. Should it be raining, we can rig up a canopy to work under which allows us to work and keeps us dry. We wouldn’t say no to a cup of tea or coffee in this circumstance! Our plastic bumper repair Liverpool usually takes between 1-2 hours from start to finish.

Plastic Bumper Repair Liverpool

We can assess the damage to your car’s plastic bumper and give you a no obligation quotation to carry out repairs. Our plastic bumper repair Liverpool service can be carried out quickly and efficiently without disrupting your daily routine.

If you’d like to know more then please feel free to contact us. You can telephone and speak to our friendly and helpful staff or email us using the form on the right.