Here at Smart Auto Repairs we have been carrying out our mobile plastic bumper repair Stoke On Trent service for the past six years. Driving around with a damaged plastic car bumper looks unsightly and can be leaving you feeling stressed. However, when you lead a busy lifestyle finding the time to take your vehicle to a body shop repair garage can be a problem. You either have to fit in a visit around work or spend time at the weekend trying to sort it out.

We can offer a hassle free solution by coming to you to carry out the repairs. Our plastic bumper repair Stoke On Trent service can bring our expert and professional services to your door, or to the location of your choice. Our highly trained team of technicians can repair all manner of damage to your bumper, including dents, scuffs, scratches and cracks. We do this by utilising some of the very latest in equipment and tools to carry out your mobile car body repair services. All we require is access to a power supply and space for your car and our van. It doesn’t even matter if it is raining. We simply erect a canopy to stay dry under. Of course, a cup of tea or coffee would be much appreciated at this point!

Plastic Bumper Repair Stoke On Trent

We would be more than happy to assess the level of damage to your car, and provide you with a quote to repair the damage. We can provide an expert and professional plastic bumper repair Stoke On Trent service at the location of your choice.

If you would like some free expert advice and guidance regarding your plastic bumper repair Stoke On Trent then we would be only too happy to help. Please give us a call now and chat to our friendly staff or alternatively you can contact us by email using the form on the right.

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