A car bumper can easily get dented or scratched, especially if you make an error of judgement when parking.  Damaged bumpers spoil the good looks of your vehicle and can lower its value too. When it comes to getting your bumper repaired, the process can be time consuming and costly. Our mobile plastic bumper repair Warrington service offers an affordable and more convenient option to that of a traditional body shop repair. So let’s take a look why.

Reasons to use our mobile plastic bumper repair Warrington service

  • Taking time out of your day to visit a body repair shop can be a real hassle. We deliver our expert and professional services direct to you
  • Most repairs take little more than two hours, after which you can drive your car right away
  • We aim to fit in repairs within 48 hours
  • Our plastic bumper repair Warrington technicians have the latest equipment and tools to carry out a high quality repair which will restore your bumper so that it looks as good as new
  • We can mend anything from minor dents, scuffs and cracks to extensive crash damage. Bumpers are never replaced unless absolutely necessary.  This gives you a cost effective service

How our mobile plastic bumper repair Warrington service works

Simply phone or email giving us as much information as you can about your bumper damage. We may ask you to upload a photo in order to give you a more accurate quote. Once you have agreed our quote, we can book your car in for a repair on a day and time to suit you. We’ll send an email confirmation of the booking together with a handy checklist of things you need to do prior to our arrival.

All our technicians require is access to a power supply and a parking space for their van. Should it be raining they will still be able to carry out your repair by erecting a handy canopy to work beneath. On the appointed date, they will turn up at the place of your choice and carry out the repair. Our mobile plastic bumper repair Warrington technicians use the latest S.M.A.R.T. technology to carry out first class repairs. Any paint will be mixed digitally according to the car manufacturer’s colour code so that you are assured of a seamless finish. Once the bumper is fixed,  your car can be back on the road. Simple as that!

If you’d like to know more about  our plastic bumper repair Warrington service, please give us a call or send an email.