Smart Auto Repairs is a mobile car body repair company. We can undertake S.M.A.R.T repairs but primarily we are a step above S.M.A.R.T repairers in that we can undertake much larger damage, and the skill sets of our staff are set higher than those of S.M.A.R.T repairers. We can repair body work, replace panels on site, repair alloy wheels that are a standard finish or diamond cut and of course any type of bumper repair including dented, cracked and scuffed bumpers. We do this at your home address or work address.

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We can repair both painted colour coded bumpers and textured bumpers, textured bumpers are generally a different colour from the body work and are normally a shade of grey or black.

″As well as bumper repairs, we carry out any type of car body repair, you should look upon us a mobile body shop″.

Wheel Refurbishment

Smart Auto Repairs also offers a fully mobile alloy wheel refurbishment service, we can refurbish any style and type of alloy including diamond cut alloys, split rims and standard alloys. We can even change the colour of your alloys. Click Here to find out more about our alloy wheel refurbishment service!

Dent Repairs

Smart Auto Repairs can carry out extensive dent repair damage, this badly damaged panel was repaired within a day on the customers drive. Our mobile rig is equipped to take on the larger repairs that most other S.M.A.R.T repair companies are unable to undertake. Click here to find out more

Scratch Repairs

Smart Auto Repair can also offer you a multi panel car scratch repair service, with our tools, equipment, qualified staff and rig we can undertake the larger multi panel scratch repair jobs that the franchised companies can not repair on your drive. To find out more about our multi panel scratch repair service click here.

Commercial Repairs

Smart Auto Repairs can also offer their mobile car body repair service to companies that have commercial vehicles saving them a fortune in repairs. Because our staff are so highly qualified, we can undertake the major repairs associated with commercial vehicles. To find out more about this service click here.

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